Metal Grinding


The Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA) provides information and advocacy services for mechanical contractors in Texas. We advocate policies that benefit employers, employees, and the community.

The MCA works to educate the public on the importance of safety measures and legislation reform regarding safety measures, as well as the importance of enacting laws that promote efficiency.

We are a firm proponent of prevailing wage and public bidding laws and support legislation that keeps these laws strong. We support building codes in line with the best industry practices, as well as laws that protect public health, and safety.

We believe that business should be conducted with integrity, in a way that inspires public confidence, rending restrictive legislation unnecessary.

We strongly believe in the businesses in our industry, and we are committed to serving their interests; promoting contracting opportunities and providing opportunities for career advancement.

We also offer valuable networking opportunities for mechanical contracting companies, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and services to the mechanical construction and service industry in Houston.

For more information on MCA, or to find out more on becoming a member contact us today.