Employer-Employee Relations

The Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA) of Houston supports the continuance of stability in employer-employee relations in the plumbing, heating, piping, refrigeration, ventilating, air conditioning, process piping, power piping, waste or water treatment, air and water pollution control and related industries.


We believe that working to improve the conditions of employment increases efficiency and creates opportunities for individual employees. We believe that it is an obligation that business has to itself and the public.


A Strong Employer and Employee Relationship

A strong employer and employee relationship is important for a company’s long-term success. When a strong relationship is in place, employees are more productive and more efficient. It also results in less conflict, and greater company loyalty.


Benefits of a Strong Employee and Employer Relationship


  • Conflict Reduction

Strong employer and employee relationships can result in a more efficient work environment, reducing conflict within the workplace, and allowing employees to better focus on the tasks at hand.


  • Employee Loyalty

A strong employee and employer relationship can have a drastic effect on an employee’s loyalty, resulting in improved workforce retention.


  • Productivity

Strong employment relationships can result in an environment that increases employee morale. Companies that invest in employee relations programs have experience increased productivity.


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