The Mechanical Contractors Association of Houston was founded on the principles of honesty and fairness. Our code of ethics reflects these principles, and our members are committed to upholding these standards in all of their business practices.


  • Honesty – We believe that honesty should be the basic foundation for all business. Honesty results in customer confidence, and offers mutual benefits for all parties. We believe that the representation of the goods and services offered should be done truthfully and honestly. 


  • A Fair Profit – We believe that a fair profit is a just reward to those who provided a service.


  • Consideration – We believe in equal consideration is due in business alike to capital, management, employees, and the public.


  • The Quest of Knowledge – We believe that a continuous quest for knowledge of new devices, equipment, and procedures are essential to individual success and service to the public.


  • Continuity of Service – We believe that permanence of service is the basics of business, and that with permanence, the experience and knowledge gained may better increase efficiency. 


  • Bettering Employment Conditions – We believe that by bettering the conditions of employment, efficiency increases and better opportunities are created for employees. We firmly believe that this is an obligation that the business has to itself as well as the public. 


  • Fair Competition – We believe that unfair competition results in a general downgrading of everyone involved in the industry. Unfair competition results in more inequities and an eventual disregard for normal business standards.


  • Inspiring Public Confidence – We believe that business should be conducted as to deserve and inspire public confidence thereby rendering restrictive legislation unnecessary.


For more information on our code of ethics, please visit our website to view the entire code.